Design, Ecommerce, Bootstrap

Once the Fluxezy branding was perfect for the customer and signed off, I was then tasked with creating a website design fit for Shopify, that would increase sales turnover and allow for a better looking, smoother flow from visitors hitting the website, all the way through to completing checkout.

Due to the nature of the products sold by Fluxezy, I was tasked with presenting all of the USP's in a unique and cohesive way, while not allowing so much information to take charm away from the design and flow of the website. This wasn't particularly challenging, however the use of white space was very important.

Call to actions were designed to be prominent but not pushy, and unique selling points were illustrated with iconography and no-jargon descriptives.

Product images were used around the site, not just on the product and category pages, to break up text content and add a little bit of depth to the page design (This was achieved with creating the images in a way in which they appear to be stood up and stood off of the page background, including in the call to action in the websites header).

It was vital that I created a "Tech Spec" section on the product page to illustrate visually the product dimensions and shape, along with some core features.

All in all, reports from Fluxezy are that sales revenue has increased by approximately 150% since I completed the re-design of their website and branding, and continue to rise over time.

Visit the live site over at Fluxezy.com