Mankind Barbers

Design, Bootstrap

Mankind Barbers have been serving friends and loyal customers for over 17 years, and this website was gifted to the business by a friend of theirs (a client of mine) to increase exposure and give the business a presence on the web.

The brief for Mankind Barbers was very simple, in that the website had to function and look solid based on the shops branding. The sign for "Man" or "Male" plays a dominant role in the frontage for the shop, which is translated into the logo design.

The logo was provided to me in the form of a photograph of the shop front, part of my responsibilities for this project was to provide a full vector version of the company branding, not just for use on the web but for future use on all print media and possible shop signage.

The rustic, rough feel compliments the nature of the shop perfectly, and an idea I had to integrate the photographs of the shop in a "Polaroid" fashion means that the feel of the business translates directly onto the web flawlessly.

The price list was to mimic the design of the price list in the shop, and it was vital to have testimonials with the Google Star ratings on the website too.

The website is a single page site, of which I had to be cautious and aware of the order in which certain elements on the page appear in conjunction with the navigation. A logical and methodical approach to content hierarchy was taken as well as navigation and usability which again, translated perfectly into the style of the design I created for Mankind.

Overall I enjoyed this project, the brief was simple but to the point and the result speaks for itself.

Live website link will be available soon.