Branding, Direction

RaptorGPS is a product and sub-brand of RedRaptor Consultancy. The product RaptorGPS is a smart GPS for motorcyclists to ensure safety, accuracy andto keep a track on route to your destination.

When RedRaptor came to me with the scope for a new product and service they were launching, as always with ideas they put to me, I was extremely excited to be a part of it.

What's cooler than Raptors? Nothing....nothing at all.

Mix this in with some branding work based around a service catering to Motorcyclists, and well hey, possibly the most enjoyable branding project I've worked on in a long, long time!

The brief was simple, needs to include something "Raptor" iconic, while looking like it wouldn't be out of place on a small unit, sticker, item placed on a motorcycle, so I got to work.

The first few concepts (as you can see to the left) were very strict, very professional looking and more aimed towards a corporate market, these were scrapped when I went whole hog on a raptor claw gripping a circle to make the shape of a location pin!

I thoroughly enjoyed developing this branding, and the results I feel speak for themselves.