Design, Direction

RedRaptor Consultancy are a professional business and marketing consultancy based in Selkirk all the way up in Scotland. I'm often brought on-board by them to help with design and direction services.

When RedRaptor Consultancy approached me to give their main web presence a refresh there weren't many stipulations for how it should look, however several on what it should include and showcase.

Work will be ongoing for the main web presence for RedRaptor Consultancy over the coming months, just to fine tune and get every page view exactly as it should be, however they will be heavily based from the homepage and inside page re-designs I've included over to the left of the page.

For the homepage I created a design around their required content based on a grid style appearance. Not only will this stack perfectly on mobile with little to no work (Thanks to Bootstrap!) but it keeps the content from looking drab while engaging users to different areas of the page focusing on different aspects of what the consultancy want to put in front of people. Updating these grid areas in future will not only be easy to do but it will maintain a solid appearance that looks great.

One requirement was that they were to have a well designed Blog platform on their corporate site, with nicely laid out content in an easy to read format that would look stunning on mobile and tablet devices.

Live link to the new website will be coming soon.